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Tea Scarf 2.0

I love the tea scarf pattern on Ravelry – it’s one of the simplest, yet prettiest scarves around. However, it’s quite a small scarf when worked in worsted weight yarn (as it suggests it should be), both in length and width. I don’t know about you, but I like a scarf I can wrap around my neck a couple of times. So, without further ado, here’s how to make a long tea scarf in a dk weight yarn.

I used 2 balls of Moda Vera Wool/Cashmere Blend (which I highly recommend – it’s beautifully soft and has a bit of stretch in it) for this, with a 4mm crochet hook. First, ch 250. I know, I know, it seems like a lot. But it really doesn’t take that long! Then, simply follow the original tea scarf pattern – but double the amount of rows it says to do. At least. Really, you can keep going with the rows as long as you like, depending on how wide you like your scarves. Once you’ve finished adding rows, switch to a 5mm hook and do your edging as per the original pattern. If you want a really pronounced ruffle edging, do 3 dc in each stitch instead of 2. Ta-da! A long, elegant tea scarf is born! You may find it curls a little at the ends when you’ve finished, but that can be cured by blocking it.

Blocking is when you dampen your scarf (or other project), pin it out on a surface and wait for it to dry. That’s a very simple explanation, by the way, there are a few different types of blocking that can be used for different yarn types. For instance, when I made my first tea scarf, I made it in Noro Silk Garden yarn, which is worsted weight, and I put that in the washing machine on the wool cycle (without detergent), then pinned it out on a towel on a futon and left it overnight. For the wool/cashmere one, because it was a more delicate yarn, I pinned it out on an ironing board and steamed it with an iron – being very careful not to let the iron touch the yarn! Blocking a project just gives it a bit more of a professional look, in my opinion, so it’s something I’ll be doing from now on.

I gave the above-mentioned scarf to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day, incidentally, and she loved it! I used a cream coloured yarn for the main body of the scarf, and black for the edging. I almost wished I could keep it for myself! For my mother, I made her a Japanese kokeshi doll trinket box that I found a pattern for on Ebay. One day I hope to have the time to come up with my own patterns for this stuff – maybe after the craft fair is over!

Kokeshi Doll

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Stop! Rainbow scarf time!

I am so super super busy at the moment with a million different craft projects (all for other people, I might add), but tonight I took time out to make the delightful tea scarf that I found on Ravelry a while ago. It’s such a pretty pattern, very easy (perfect for a first crochet scarf!) and so easily customisable!

Rainbow Tea Scarf

I used the famed Noro Silk Garden yarn to make it, and I love how it turned out. I’ve been lusting after Noro yarn since I first started crocheting – it seems to be the holy grail of yarn in some circles. Unfortunately, it’s not too easy to get hold of here in South Australia, and it’s very expensive. But! My all-time-favourite online yarn store came to the rescue with half price Noro Silk Garden in discontinued colours! I got three balls of yarn for only $26 including postage, which is a real steal considering one ball is about $14 anywhere else.

I’ve heard it said that you either love or hate Noro yarn. While the colours are amazing, the yarn has a few undesirable aspects to it – namely, for me, the feel of the yarn. While it’s 45% silk, it’s raw silk, so the yarn feels a little rough to the touch. I’m a tactile creature, and I do love me some soft yarn. However, I’ve heard it softens up a great deal after washing, so it’s currently on my dryer rack after a run in the washing machine on the wool cycle. Fingers crossed. Other complaints I’ve heard about Noro are that it contains a lot of vegetable matter, and that there are knots in the skeins, joining two completely different colours together. So far I haven’t experienced either one of these, and I admit, I am totally in love with this yarn. If I could, I’d marry it and we’d move to Portugal and have tiny, Noro yarn babies.

I have a feeling I’ll be throwing a lot of my spare money in Noro’s direction in the near future. Until then, I’ll have to put up with the pedestrian yarn selection my local Spotlight has to offer. Now, it’s off to madly make as many things as I can for my first every craft fair on the 15th of May!

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Finally, something to put in my store!

So recently I’ve been experimenting with different yarns and patterns to make something to put in my Etsy store 🙂 I’ve decided on a range of headbands to begin with, because they’re cute and I love wearing them myself, so I hope other people will too! They’re being put up slowly at the moment, because I am trying to utilise my Dad’s super awesome Nikon camera for the photos because they end up looking SO much better than mine. Unfortunately, he’s only available sporadically so I have to make as many as I can and then stalk him until he has a free moment 😛 So far, I have this pretty magenta coloured one, with a little pink heart button in the middle:

Magenta Flower Headband

And this black sparkley one with silver sequins in the middle:

Black Sparkle Headband

Good thing I don’t have dandruff, right? ;P I have a couple of others waiting to be photographed, which I’ll put up later on. I found this absolutely fantastic ribbon yarn, which is a bitch to work with, but the results are totally worth it. I think the ribbon one looks the best of all! I wore the black sparkle one out yesterday and got complimented on it, which made me happy. So check them out on my Etsy store and see what you think! If you become a fan of me on Facebook, I’ll even give you 10% off your first purchase 🙂

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Octopus in the garden

I’ve seen so many cute little octopuses around the internet lately that I just had to try making one. Coincidentally, my step-nanna also gave me a big bag of yarn that she’d cleared out of her shed, and in it was the perfect octopus shade! So I made this little fellow in about an hour yesterday, while I was watching TV.


He’s so adorable! I made him from this pattern, and I think I might use him as a pincushion 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to have a quick little project you can do and feel accomplished!

Now, some of you may be wondering when I’m ever going to put some patterns of my own on this blog. That’s fair enough, and I am very eager to have some patterns of my own up! I’ve got some works in progress at the moment that are from my own patterns, and I promise that as soon as I’m finished with them, I’ll put them up for you guys to see. I still have another week of University holidays, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish a few more projects before I’m swamped with study again.

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This beret is so damn puff

Yesterday I finished crocheting my first item of clothing! It’s from a pattern I’ve had my eye on since I first started crocheting a few months ago, and I finally felt confident enough to tackle it.

Puff Stitch Beret

Excuse the horrible photo of me modelling said hat, please. The beret is done using a crochet stitch called a puff stitch, which took me a little bit of time to master. The whole time I was crocheting it, I was worried about it being too big – a lot of people on Ravelry said theirs ended up too big – but it ended up being a little bit too small. I must have a large head! I’m planning to make another one and add a few rows to it to make it bigger, because it really is an adorable hat! You can find the pattern for it here. I used Moda Vera Merino Blend yarn, in colour 418 and a size 4.5mm hook.

PS: If anyone is confused about the title for this post, Dominos Pizza launched a short-lived campaign a while back to try and make the word ‘puff’ synonymous with all things cool. Clearly they failed in this ridiculous endeavour, but I can’t resist slipping it into conversation every once in a while.

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Hello, Kitty!

So, after I made Miffy, my Mom discovered that yet another colleague of hers had a child that was having a birthday soon, and commissioned me to make another ami. I chose Hello Kitty, since I’d considered her for the Miffy project, and I bought the pattern from Etsy. There were a couple of free ones kicking around the internet, but I didn’t really like how they looked.

There was a bit of pattern drama – the first one I bought wasn’t sent to me for ages, and then turned out to be one of the worst patterns I’d ever seen (seriously, avoid crochetpattern on Etsy if you can, her feedback suggests I’m not the only one to have had problems with her), but luckily the second one I bought was much better. I bought that one from marjan1017, if you’re interested. The pattern still wasn’t perfect, but I think Hello Kitty turned out ok, anyway.

Hello Kitty

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A couple of days ago, my Mom asked me if I could make something small for a work colleague of hers whose daughter is turning one this week. Even though I’m already snowed under with other projects for everyone under the sun, I agreed because I’m nice like that. Or a doormat. Your choice. Anyway, Mom left the choice of toy up to me, so I hovered for a while between Miffy and Hello Kitty, and finally decided on Miffy because I already had Miffy colours in my yarn stash.


I think she turned out quite well – I used this pattern as a guide. It only took me two nights of sporadic crocheting, which was about what I was hoping for with this project. The yarn I used was Cupcake by Moda Vera (which I absolutely adore for making amigurumis) in Pumpkin and White. It’s 50% acrylic and 50% nylon, and it’s sooo soft.  She stands at 15cm tall and I almost wish I could keep her myself – she’s too cute!