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Hello, Kitty!

So, after I made Miffy, my Mom discovered that yet another colleague of hers had a child that was having a birthday soon, and commissioned me to make another ami. I chose Hello Kitty, since I’d considered her for the Miffy project, and I bought the pattern from Etsy. There were a couple of free ones kicking around the internet, but I didn’t really like how they looked.

There was a bit of pattern drama – the first one I bought wasn’t sent to me for ages, and then turned out to be one of the worst patterns I’d ever seen (seriously, avoid crochetpattern on Etsy if you can, her feedback suggests I’m not the only one to have had problems with her), but luckily the second one I bought was much better. I bought that one from marjan1017, if you’re interested. The pattern still wasn’t perfect, but I think Hello Kitty turned out ok, anyway.

Hello Kitty


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