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Stop! Rainbow scarf time!

I am so super super busy at the moment with a million different craft projects (all for other people, I might add), but tonight I took time out to make the delightful tea scarf that I found on Ravelry a while ago. It’s such a pretty pattern, very easy (perfect for a first crochet scarf!) and so easily customisable!

Rainbow Tea Scarf

I used the famed Noro Silk Garden yarn to make it, and I love how it turned out. I’ve been lusting after Noro yarn since I first started crocheting – it seems to be the holy grail of yarn in some circles. Unfortunately, it’s not too easy to get hold of here in South Australia, and it’s very expensive. But! My all-time-favourite online yarn store came to the rescue with half price Noro Silk Garden in discontinued colours! I got three balls of yarn for only $26 including postage, which is a real steal considering one ball is about $14 anywhere else.

I’ve heard it said that you either love or hate Noro yarn. While the colours are amazing, the yarn has a few undesirable aspects to it – namely, for me, the feel of the yarn. While it’s 45% silk, it’s raw silk, so the yarn feels a little rough to the touch. I’m a tactile creature, and I do love me some soft yarn. However, I’ve heard it softens up a great deal after washing, so it’s currently on my dryer rack after a run in the washing machine on the wool cycle. Fingers crossed. Other complaints I’ve heard about Noro are that it contains a lot of vegetable matter, and that there are knots in the skeins, joining two completely different colours together. So far I haven’t experienced either one of these, and I admit, I am totally in love with this yarn. If I could, I’d marry it and we’d move to Portugal and have tiny, Noro yarn babies.

I have a feeling I’ll be throwing a lot of my spare money in Noro’s direction in the near future. Until then, I’ll have to put up with the pedestrian yarn selection my local Spotlight has to offer. Now, it’s off to madly make as many things as I can for my first every craft fair on the 15th of May!


2 thoughts on “Stop! Rainbow scarf time!

  1. jodi says:

    Hi there, I bought some noro today, and was wondering if you would please share the website you sourced yours from please? thanks muchly, love your blog, Jodi.

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