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Octopus Mobile

A little while ago, Crafty-Kat commented on my blog and admired my little octopus, and we worked out a swap – I’d make her an octopus in exchange for some stitch markers (which I felt was an unfair exchange on my part, the stitch markers were far more awesome than my octopus!). Her initial plan was to do a sea creature mobile for her niece (I think), but after receiving my octopus, she asked for some more to make an octopus mobile! I happily obliged, and sent her an array of marine-coloured octopuses, and she just posted her completed mobile on Craftster! Go and check it out, it looks amazing!

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Octopus in the garden

I’ve seen so many cute little octopuses around the internet lately that I just had to try making one. Coincidentally, my step-nanna also gave me a big bag of yarn that she’d cleared out of her shed, and in it was the perfect octopus shade! So I made this little fellow in about an hour yesterday, while I was watching TV.


He’s so adorable! I made him from this pattern, and I think I might use him as a pincushion 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to have a quick little project you can do and feel accomplished!

Now, some of you may be wondering when I’m ever going to put some patterns of my own on this blog. That’s fair enough, and I am very eager to have some patterns of my own up! I’ve got some works in progress at the moment that are from my own patterns, and I promise that as soon as I’m finished with them, I’ll put them up for you guys to see. I still have another week of University holidays, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish a few more projects before I’m swamped with study again.