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Scarves and a welcome

First of all, a big welcome to all those who have come to check this blog out after seeing my neckwarmer pattern at Crochet Pattern Central! I hope the pattern was to your liking 🙂

Second, I have put two new scarves up on my Etsy store! They are Maiden’s Blush and Tropical Sunset respectively, and I hope they do well 🙂 The Maiden’s Blush is a delicate, pale pink scarf that is 10% cashmere, so it’s wonderfully soft and has a beautiful drape. Tropical Sunset is 100% high quality wool, and has gorgeous vibrant hues fading into each other. If you’re in need of a scarf for winter, check them out!

accessories, crochet, etsy, Hats and other stuff

Finally, something to put in my store!

So recently I’ve been experimenting with different yarns and patterns to make something to put in my Etsy store 🙂 I’ve decided on a range of headbands to begin with, because they’re cute and I love wearing them myself, so I hope other people will too! They’re being put up slowly at the moment, because I am trying to utilise my Dad’s super awesome Nikon camera for the photos because they end up looking SO much better than mine. Unfortunately, he’s only available sporadically so I have to make as many as I can and then stalk him until he has a free moment 😛 So far, I have this pretty magenta coloured one, with a little pink heart button in the middle:

Magenta Flower Headband

And this black sparkley one with silver sequins in the middle:

Black Sparkle Headband

Good thing I don’t have dandruff, right? ;P I have a couple of others waiting to be photographed, which I’ll put up later on. I found this absolutely fantastic ribbon yarn, which is a bitch to work with, but the results are totally worth it. I think the ribbon one looks the best of all! I wore the black sparkle one out yesterday and got complimented on it, which made me happy. So check them out on my Etsy store and see what you think! If you become a fan of me on Facebook, I’ll even give you 10% off your first purchase 🙂