Amigurumi amp; Plushies, crochet, miffy


A couple of days ago, my Mom asked me if I could make something small for a work colleague of hers whose daughter is turning one this week. Even though I’m already snowed under with other projects for everyone under the sun, I agreed because I’m nice like that. Or a doormat. Your choice. Anyway, Mom left the choice of toy up to me, so I hovered for a while between Miffy and Hello Kitty, and finally decided on Miffy because I already had Miffy colours in my yarn stash.


I think she turned out quite well – I used this pattern as a guide. It only took me two nights of sporadic crocheting, which was about what I was hoping for with this project. The yarn I used was Cupcake by Moda Vera (which I absolutely adore for making amigurumis) in Pumpkin and White. It’s 50% acrylic and 50% nylon, and it’s sooo soft.  She stands at 15cm tall and I almost wish I could keep her myself – she’s too cute!


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