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Svenska sömnad

Yesterday I popped into one of my favourite places to shop – IKEA! I had heard that they had fabric there, and I was getting a little tired of seeing the same old stuff at Spotlight, so I decided to go and check their range out. Oh, and pick my brother up some chest of drawers, but that’s not important.

As it happened, IKEA had an awesome range of adorable fabric, and I ended up buying three different prints, with which I plan to make utterly fantastic bags. But as wonderful as the fabric is, that’s not the reason why I’m making this post. I’m making this post because while I was there, I happened to see a brilliant little sewing kit, and I just had to buy it. It’s called a beginner’s sewing kit, and it is terrific value.

Sewing Kit

Contained within this magnificent kit were the following:

– A pair of dressmaking scissors

– A packet of various-sized needles, at least twenty of them (not pictured)

– A tape measure

– A little tub of pins with a pincushion on top

– 1000 metres of black and white sewing thread

– A seam unpicker

All of that, and the little box it came in, cost a grand total of $9.95. The scissors feel really good, and I’ve already tested them out! They’re quite weighty and definitely feel like quality scissors. It really is excellent value – just a seam unpicker alone at my Spotlight cost $7.95! I highly recommend anyone who has just started sewing and doesn’t yet have all the basics go along to their IKEA and pick one up 🙂 I also grabbed a packet of 4 different colours of sewing thread (red, green, blue and yellow) for $2. Ah, I love IKEA.


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