Puttin’ a bird on it

A while back, I bought a bird-print scuba fabric from Backstreet Bargains, with the vague intention of making the Deer & Doe Arum dress. Then I didn’t touch it for ages because in my mind it was a Good Fabric and we all know what happens with Good Fabrics – they sit in the stash because we’re too afraid we might ruin them! Luckily for me, I’m moving to Finland at the end of May and thus am facing the prospect of using it or losing it, as I can’t take all my fabric with me! This has spurred me into action, and am now digging gaily through my plastic tubs and making all the things.

However, this is not the Arum dress. I was worried that the style of sleeves of the Arum wouldn’t suit the scuba fabric, so I decided to pick a different pattern. Unable to decide, I asked my sewing peeps on Instagram to help me choose between a faux two-piece dress or a more simple knit dress, both from Bootstrap Patterns. The simpler dress won out, just barely. In all honesty I preferred the two-piece dress, but as someone wisely pointed out, I would get more wear from the simpler one. I’ve used Bootstrap Patterns before, and I’m a fan of being able to put my measurements in and get a good-fitting pattern, no muss, no fuss. Except, well, that’s not quite what happened this time.

Nothing about the line drawing of this pattern or the sample photo on the model indicated that this would be a tight, short dress – but that’s what I got. I feel like these photos do not adequately convey how short this dress is. Maybe I’m becoming a prude in my old age, but I don’t want to be pulling my dress down every few minutes or worrying about whether my undies are on display. No thanks! Luke tried to insist that it wasn’tย that short – until I bent down to pat the neighbour’s cat and he said “Oh…I can see a good two thirds of your knickers.” Fantastic.

Too short!! As you can see from the above photo. By the way, that’s Zambesi, the neighbour’s very vocal cat that likes to poo in my vegetable garden -_-

So unfortunately, this dress will be stuffed in the op shop bag. Not everything can be a winner. It’s a shame, because it’s cute and fun and I love the print, but I’m not sacrificing comfort and practicality. Have you made anything disappointing lately? Commiserate with me!

PS: I have some definite winners to share with you in the coming week that I’m very happy with – my sewjo is at an all time high!


10 thoughts on “Puttin’ a bird on it

  1. What a shame! The fabric is so lovely. And …… that dress in no way resembles the pattern on Bootstrap’s website. I’ve had a couple of issues ordering from Bootstrap / Leko getting patterns more fitted than I expected – apparently they are sometimes inclined to include less ease than we would expect. It has put me off ordering there again, to be honest.

    • I know! I was so surprised. I mean, when I was cutting it out I thought hmm, looks a little small, but I thought I must have been imagining it. That said, my go-to blouse pattern is from Bootstrap so they have some gems. But I can see why you’re put off, I’ll definitely be more careful in future and only go for looser-fitting styles.

  2. what a real shame. I have a dress that I put a lot of time and effort into, and i need to pull it apart to stop it from cutting into my arm pit and puckering across my upper chest, but can’t find the motivation to fix it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Oh well, more room for other things to bring to Finland ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that maybe even every 4. Piece I make ends up in some box, because I don’t wear it. The problem with sewing is that you can’t try garments on before you make them!
    I’m excited to see all the other new pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

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