Sunday Spotlight

Sunday Spotlight

This is my second-to-last Sunday Spotlight before my husband I travel to Japan! Yes, we’re still going. Since most of my internet browsing this week has been concentrated on keeping an eye on things in Japan, I haven’t been looking at crafty things as much as usual. Still, a few little things have caught my eye, so I’ll share them with you now πŸ™‚


These cute little Totoros are made out of socks! Genius! If I had spare socks, I would totally be making these right now.

Genuine Mudpie is a blogger I follow, and I love her tiny crocheted creations! Her latest brainchild is crocheted tater tots, and they’re super cute! The pattern is free, so go and make yourselves an army of them, you know you want to!


One thought on “Sunday Spotlight

  1. hi kirsty! thank you for visiting my blog, and for linking the tater tots! i'm glad you like them πŸ˜€ have a great trip in japan!

    best wishes,

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