Sunday Spotlight

Sunday Spotlight

First of all,  I want to express my sadness and horror at what has happened in Japan over the last 48 hours. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, and I hope everyone is as safe as they can be. I donated some money through the Red Cross and encourage anyone who has a bit of spare money to do the same.

Now, onto the inspiration crafts/tutorials I’ve seen this week!

How adorable is this little fox ring for sale on Etsy? Definitely on my to-buy list.

I absolutely love this plush baby sloth, made out of an old towel, of all things! He even has velcro on his hands so he can hang from things…genius!

Finally, a shirring tutorial that came in very handy for me this week, when I made my very first item of clothing – a dress! But more on that later…



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