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Tonari no Totoro!

It nearly killed me, but I managed to complete my Totoro outfit in time for AVCon, which is Adelaide’s anime and video game convention! It didn’t turn out too badly, given I basically made it in a day. Come Friday I had all the pieces of grey fleece cut out, but that was it. Turns out that stretchy grey fleece is not the best stuff to sew with, by the way, since the stretch of it throws measurements off something terrible. I would have rather done it in grey faux fur, but at $69.95 a metre, that simply wasn’t happening.

I was up until 2am the morning of the convention (or at least, the day I was attending) sewing, but it was worth it. I got lots of hugs and photo requests, and even declarations of love! It got a little bit warm in the costume from time to time, but it was mostly super comfy. Now I’m using it as pajamas in this cold Adelaide winter!

So, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Please excuse the double chin. Dad insists on photographing me from below, which makes me look far larger than I am :/

It was a lot of fun, and worth all the hard work I put into the costume! I’m already wondering what I should cosplay as next year, and I know one thing – I won’t be leaving it until the day before the con to sew together!

Currently working on:

  1. Katamari PSP case for a friend
  2. White and black Fibonacci scarf for a friend
  3. A purple tea shawl
  4. A present for my brother-in-law
  5. A present for my father-in-law
  6. A present for my stepbrother
  7. Characters for my store!