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Just a quickie…

I just found the most amazing website!

It’s called Spoonflower, and boy, is it dangerous (especially since the Australian dollar just hit parity with the US dollar). I’ve just spent a good twenty minutes adding wonderful, adorable fabric to my wishlist. Basically, it’s a website where you can upload a design and have it printed on fabric. Or, for those bad at drawing (like myself), you can simply purchase other peoples’ designs! If you’re a designer, you get a discount on what you buy. Go and check it out, it’s super awesome!

I also found Knitmap – a place where you can find yarn stores close to you, and track them, and plan yarn road trips, and all kinds of wonderful things! Plus, they have an iPhone app you can get, and since my Dad just offered me his old iPhone for a mere $150…well,  I think I might be buying quite a bit more yarn in the near future!

Now, I’m about to reformat my computer, since it’s being all unhappy and blue-screening on me, so fingers crossed it all goes well and I’ll be back to post about my latest project! Bye!