Butterick Spring Patterns & an exciting Style Arc release!

I’m not usually a big fan of Butterick patterns, I have to admit. If I had to describe their general style in a word, I’d probably go for matronly. But I was just browsing through their new spring releases, and I have to say, a couple caught my eye!

This dress is my favourite. I think the waistband would be flattering, and I like the interesting neck detail. I’m usually quite wary of wrap tops/dresses, because in my experience there’s always a bit of gaping going on, or it slides down awkwardly around my bosom and makes me look lopsided. But maybe this one would be okay?

This pattern is actually part of a set – a shift dress, blouse, skirt, pants and jacket. It’s probably mostly a result of the fabric they used, but I really like all of it! Especially the dress and blouse.

Who knows when these patterns will become available in NZ – it’s quite depressing how long it takes for the new releases to filter through down here, and then the price of them makes it difficult to justify buying them.

Also, not part of the Butterick collection, but how awesome are these culottes from Style Arc?

I admit, I’m reticent to try another Style Arc pattern after the Camilla blouse disaster, but these culottes have me intrigued. Culottes have been a bit of a hot trend in the sewing community lately, and I’ve resisted so far. My memories of culottes as a child include poo-brown ones I had to wear as a Brownie that rode up my crotch, and I’m not anxious to repeat the experience. That said, these are flowy and, from the description, seem like they’d have the appearance of a skirt – kind of like a long version of the Megan Nielsen Tania culottes, perhaps? I’m intrigued. They’re not available as a PDF yet, but when they are, I might give them a go.

Are there any patterns you’re particularly excited about at the moment?



7 thoughts on “Butterick Spring Patterns & an exciting Style Arc release!

  1. That first dress does look interesting – I think it is a Lisette one (used to be a line with Simplicity). When I want Big4 patterns on new release I use sewingpatterns.com – they have different companies on sale most weeks (you can get email alerts to let you know when). So sometimes you can get a new pattern for $5 or so and the postage for one or two patterns to Australia has not been too prohibitive.

  2. Oh the first dress is super cute! I have to agree with you about Butterick, they are probably my least favorite of the big pattern companies, but it makes sense now that I know it’s a Lisette pattern. I have a couple of those from Simplicity and they are very nice.

  3. nx44 says:

    OOOhh I love that first one too! I usually buy my big 4 at spotlight’s 3 for $15 etc sales. Kind of annoying waiting for the right sale to come up (and I usually end up buying a couple of patterns I’m not too sure about to make up the quota) but so much better than full price! I love the idea of culottes – those leggy models make them look so wearable – but I tried some on in a store recently and they looked awful.

  4. Oh, those dresses are cute! I think the polka dot one would look good on you. The culottes are fun. I haven’t made any Style Arc patterns but I’m a bit wary because there can be a lot of fitting issues.

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