Me Made May 2014 Week 2

Still chugging along with Me Made May, although I’ve now officially run out of new me-made things and am on to repeats. Here’s what I wore in the second week:

Skirt – Asymmetrical Folds skirt, part of my Sew Bossy challenge with Melanie, blogged here 
Top – Old Navy “Perfect” long-sleeved top
Tights – Uniqlo
Shoes – Hush Puppies
Cardigan – Target
Dress – Nautical Lady Skater, unblogged
Sadly, my Lady Skater will have to be retired soon, as the fabric was poor quality and has stretched out over time, and it has a small bleach stain on the neckline from frantically cleaning my apartment before I left the USA. I’ll be making another one, though, because they’re so comfy – like day time pajamas!
I’m really enjoying wearing my own handmade clothes, and it makes the weekends a little bit more special. I’m not unemployed any more (yay!) but I work from home, so I’m still spending the majority of my time in tracksuit pants and large jumpers. Sometimes I wonder whether I moved to Auckland or Antarctica!

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