A small break

I probably should have made this update sooner, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy for me, and I’m only just getting a minute to sit still and type it up.

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, my husband and I packed up our life in California and are in the process of moving to Auckland, New Zealand. At the moment, we’re in Adelaide, Australia – our home town! We haven’t been back in two and a half years, so we’re trying to see as much of family and friends as we can. It’s hectic, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I sold my sewing machine in California, since a) it didn’t cost me much in the first place and probably would have cost the same again to move it to NZ and b) it wouldn’t have worked anyway, due to voltage differences etc. I did look into getting a new one in the US and sending it over (because they are SO much cheaper there) but everything I read suggested that one shouldn’t use a transformer/plug converter with a sewing machine for a long period of time, so I chose not to. So I am currently without a sewing machine, and probably will remain that way for another month or so, until we get settled in Auckland and have found somewhere to live.

It seems like the worst possible time to be without a machine – there are some amazing sewalongs happening, some fantastic patterns being released, and all I can do is sit and watch from the sidelines. But, such is life. I can’t wait to get back into it once I’m settled in Auckland, and I hope you’ll all stick around so I can share my new makes with you 🙂

And any sewing bloggers from Auckland – hit me up! Tell me where I can find the best fabrics, and more importantly – a good sewing machine! I know a lot of sewing bloggers from Wellington, but only one from Auckland, so I’m hoping there’s more of you out there somewhere!

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do so here, and I’m kirstyteacat on Instagram if you want to see some of my adventures in Australia and New Zealand!


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