Fawning over Plantain

Like the rest of the blogging world, I jumped on the new Deer&Doe Plantain t-shirt pattern the moment it was released! Not only is it FREE, but it’s also a great, simple pattern that takes almost no time to make! Win-win, yes? (I know I don’t look too thrilled in the above photo, but the early morning sun was very, very bright).

So the pattern itself is very easy to make – I probably took longer taping the pattern together than I did actually sewing it! I used some fawn fabric I got from Girl Charlee a while back – I’m actually pretty disappointed in it, since it’s not very soft (despite being described as such on their website) and also, not very stretchy! In fact, I spent a good ten minutes crouched over the fabric, pulling it this way and that to try and work out which way had the most stretch – I honestly couldn’t tell, since neither direction seemed to stretch much at all! I even got Luke involved, but he was just as clueless as I was. As a result of this, my Plantain is a little more snug than I would like, especially around my upper arms. I cut out a 46, which is the largest size the pattern offers, and I’m happy with the fit everywhere except the bust and upper arms. I do need to do a small narrow shoulder adjustment for the next one, and I have a couple more stretchier fabrics I plan to make this up in next, and I expect the fit then will be just perfect!

I was worried this top wouldn’t be flattering on me, given the flared design, but actually, I really like it! You may notice I omitted the elbow patches – they’re just not my style, I don’t think, and I really want to focus on making things I’ll actually wear this year. I don’t have a serger, so I sewed this up with a narrow zig zag, and used a twin needle to hem the bottom and sleeves. I’m super happy with how my neckband turned out – this fabric curled like a bitch when I tried to stretch it out to sew it, and I thought it was going to be a disaster, but I went slowly and thankfully the end result looks pretty sweet.

So in short, love this pattern, love Deer&Doe (as always) and I’ve got some fabric sitting in the laundry basket ready to be prewashed for another Plantain this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Fawning over Plantain

  1. Awwww, you've got wittle fawns awl ovah it! I love your Plantain, great fabric choice! I have mine cut out but not sewn it yet. STILL waiting on my overlocker to get fixed. They are now simply not calling me back. Grrrrr. I raised the neckline on mine about 4 cm before cutting, it seemed REALLY low, but I'm also short-waisted so could be why because it does not look low on you at all, but very flattering depth.

  2. I'm really happy with the neckline on mine, I was worried when I cut it out that it would be too low! I hope you get your overlocker back soon – having one must make sewing your knits so much more professional!

  3. What a pretty pattern, love the little fawns! And the shirt looks very nice on you, too. I am totally afraid of sewing with stretchy fabrics and knits so I would probably have appreciated it's lack of stretchieness πŸ™‚ You're really brave to do this without a serger!

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