Blog Voices – Aussie Version!

I just had to get in on the whole Blog Voices thing that’s going around right now! It’s really cool to hear how my fellow sewing bloggers sound, and how different people pronounce different words. I’m Australian, with one Australian parent and one English parent (from Yorkshire), currently living in California!

Hope you enjoy my contribution! For a list of words to pronounce/questions to answer, check out the lovely Lady Katza‘s blog!


7 thoughts on “Blog Voices – Aussie Version!

  1. I just remembered growing up we called the bugs that curl potato bugs or sow bugs too. They are hard, grey tiny things that curl like an armadillo. Cute.

    Also I love your hair! It is interesting to hear the different words and pronunciations.

  2. I loved hearing your voice. I was in Australia for 4 months and you've got one of the easiest to understand Aussie speaking voices. 🙂 I only found myself asking people to repeat themselves a couple of times but they had super thick accents.

    I love your hair, too!

  3. Aha! Slaters!! My English boyfriend looked at me like I was speaking another language when I said this. Nice to have an Aussie voice on here and one backing me up on my bug-naming!

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