Summertime Blues

So sorry for the break in transmission, all! I wish I had something new to show you, but I’ve had a crazy-busy April, and am only now settling back into my (boring) daily routine.

For the last two weeks of April, my Dad came a’visiting from Australia! I was SO thrilled to see him (it had been almost a year and a half!) and we spent two weeks checking out Vegas, Yosemite, and other lovely places in Northern California. Despite living here for almost 2 years (how has it been that long already, I don’t even) we haven’t really had a chance to play tourist, because, well, we have jobs and other shit to take care of. So it was really, really nice to have a break from everything and see some of the sights America has to offer.

And as happy as I was to see my Dad, I was just as sad to see him leave, so I’ve spent this week in a bit of a homesick funk. I’m not sure if homesick is the right word, really – I don’t miss Australia that much, truth be told. But I do miss my family, very much, and they’re in Australia, so homesick will do. So I’ve been moping about and not doing much of anything, really, except work.

But after catching up on all of my favourite sewing blogs, and seeing all the amazing entries in the Mad Men Sewing Challenge, I’m ready to dive back into sewing. The warmer weather is here, and I’m discovering severe holes in my wardrobe! I’ve decided to begin with my Reglisse dress, since the lovely Eleanore at Deer&Doe is hosting a sewalong! Yes, it’s in French, but trust me, this lady is MORE than worth busting out the good ol’ Google Translate. She’s already addressed the issue of not being able to find wide enough fabric, a problem I had right from the start. I kept finding all these delightful prints, and then being disappointed because they were only 45″ wide. Eventually, I got fed up and bought 5 yards (!!) of a gorgeous Cloud 9 fabric, figuring that it would be enough for me to try and work out a new cutting layout. Turns out (thank God) I was right! I cut the pattern pieces tonight, and I’m going to whip up my toile tomorrow and go from there.

What are you working on for the summer? I’m in the market for some simple, casual-yet-cute summer tops – any pattern recommendations for me?


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