Floral Pastille

I’m a huge lover of Colette Patterns. So much so that this is the second time I’ve made the Pastille Dress, which is one of the 5 patterns included in the Colette Sewing Handbook. I wanted to make something quick and easy while I waited on extra supplies for my Mad Men dress, and I wanted something that would be good for spring.

I used a rayon challis I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics, and it was my first time working with that kind of fabric. I love the feel of it – it’s soft and drapey and light, without being sheer or too slippery.
Apparently, I loved this fabric so much I bought it twice, 1 week apart. Oops. So expect to be seeing it feature in another garment some time soon! I cut out the pattern in a straight size 12. Weight loss victory – last time I used it, I cut out a 14! As it turns out, I think I could have even gone a size smaller in the bodice.
As you can see, there’s a lot of excess fabric in the lower back – a common problem with the Pastille pattern, I’ve discovered. When I make it again (when, not if), I’ll definitely shorten the bodice and size down. I didn’t bother putting in a zip – I did have one on hand, but I decided to try just sewing it up and slipping it on, and that works fine. 
In a way, I’m glad it’s a little loose. No one wants to wear a tight dress in the summer, after all. I’m thinking I’ll take the hem up another inch, too – it’s just a slightly awkward length on me (even though I was panicking slightly as I took it up 2 inches originally!) I didn’t bother with the pleating of the skirt, it would have been lost in such a busy print (plus I’m lazy. There, I said it.)
It totes matches my bitchin’ red sunglasses, yes? The first time I made this dress, I didn’t bother with the facings. I cut them out, looked at them and thought, no way. I used bias binding instead, and although I liked how it looked, I wanted to do things properly this time. So, I wrestled with the facings. God, did I wrestle. I pressed them. I understitched them. I pressed them again. And the frigging things still didn’t stay put. I frowned at them. I Googled solutions for all I was worth. And then I sighed, sucked it up, and spent two hours carefully hand-stitching them into place with the tiniest of stitches, whilst watching the first two episodes of Dollhouse. I’m late to the Joss Whedon party, I know.
I think it was worth it. Look at those sleeves! Not a hint of facing making an unwanted appearance, nor the stitching holding it into place! Haha. I win, facings.
SO. PROUD. I have been trying, so hard, to make the insides of my garments as photo-worthy as the outsides. Usually I fail. I don’t have a serger, so I pink all my seams, but usually there’s still wonky bits and fraying shit everywhere. But this time, I’m feeling pretty pleased with it all.
Happy Easter, all! I’ll be here, sewing away on my Mad Men dress and grumbling about how I’m missing on the four day weekend all my Australian friends and family are enjoying. What will you be doing?


2 thoughts on “Floral Pastille

  1. Lately I've become slightly more fond of facings. If I don't interface them, I find they're much more likely to stay in place. But if I can't be arsed, I just use bias binding to finish necklines and armholes 🙂

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