Craigslist Fabric Adventures

I admit, I’m a bit of a bargain-hunter when it comes to my sewing supplies. I don’t mean that I buy cheap crap, because I don’t, but I buy almost 100% of my fabric on sale. And, occasionally, when I get bored, I do a search for fabric on Craigslist. Up until now, it’s never really yielded any results. I don’t have a car, so my search radius is pretty small, and I guess fabric isn’t the kind of thing people really bother putting ads on Craigslist for. As an aside, it cracks me up that you Americans pronounce “Craig” as “Creg”. People named Craig must be so confused when they come here!

Ahem. Anyway, last night, I hit a bit of a fabric jackpot. I found a nice girl giving away two garbage bags of fabric! We arranged that I would pick them up today, and she left them on the porch for me, as she was out. I glanced in the bags quickly when I picked them up, but didn’t really have a good sift through – it didn’t seem polite. When I got home, though, I gleefully started sifting through them. And, well….it was an interesting experience.
Now, I know you might be looking at this photo, thinking “Are those…?” Yes. Yes they are. They’re womens’ panties, sewn together in a kind of chain. I don’t even know. Some kind of hardcore feminist decoration, perhaps? In addition to this…garland of panties, I found a pair of bloomers, a pair of mens’ boxer shorts, various ripped garments and tens of tiny little silk squares. But! It wasn’t all unmentionables and worthless scraps!

Check out that silver sparkly fabric! You better believe I’m making myself some kind of incredibly tacky top with that stuff. And that pretty floral fabric belongs to a dress – by Liberty of London! I love their fabric, but it’s on the expensive side, so I’ve never bought myself any. The dress has a couple of minor tears, but they’re all along the seamlines and I’m confident I can patch her up and make her good as new! 
There were also two large sheets, in great condition, that I can use for mock-ups of new patterns, and a few other bits and pieces that I think I can find a use for. Overall, I think it was worth the bus ride to pick the fabric up. And don’t worry – I’m going to wash everything before I even think about sewing with it 😛

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