fabric, lucky lantern, sewing

Lucky Lantern

I almost can’t believe it, but I won a competition! A competition run by an Australian fabric store, no less!

Although Facebook ads creep me out a lot, I still click on some of them, when they’re relevant to my interests. That’s how I found Lucky Lantern. I had a browse through their fabrics, and noticed they were doing a giveaway, if you filled out a survey. So I did, and promptly forgot about it – until the lovely Michelle contacted me and said I’d won! I got to pick out 4 different fabrics for her to send me, and I had no trouble doing that, there are so many gorgeous prints! They just arrived in the mail the other day, and I got half a metre of each fabric. I can’t wait to start crafting with them, I already have my eye on the Mini Tote pattern over at Shiny Happy World!


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