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I’m still alive

So, I haven’t updated this for a while. Sorry. I figure there isn’t much point unless I have something to share, and since I started WAY too many projects at once, a finished object has been a long time coming.

However, today was my brother’s birthday, and I made him a felt, World of Warcraft-themed iPhone case. He was very difficult to craft for, because he didn’t really need anything, and also tends to feel a lot of handcrafted items are “gay”. Still, I perservered and he was extremely pleased with my work, which in turn pleased me. I love making people things!

It was quite easy to make, really. I found the dimensions for the iPhone on Wikipedia (not owning one myself), and cut out my felt. The case is lined with red felt inside, and black felt on the outside. I found the Horde symbol online, printed it out, cut it out of felt and stitched it onto the front. I did blanket stitch around the outside, and sewed the velcro on the flap with my sewing machine so it wasn’t going anywhere.

The photo of the case is taken on my brand new cutting mat, which is awesome! I got a rotary cutter, too, so now cutting fabric for my projects is a lot easier. It’s not quite the mat I wanted, but Spotlight had a misleading sale and refused to give me the first one I picked out at the sale price, so I ended up with this one. Still better than nothing, anyway.

What I’m currently working on:

  1. Super secret project for my husband’s birthday on the 11th
  2. 3 secret craft projects for my Craftster swap partner (she knows my blog address, so I can’t reveal anything here :P)
  3. My Totoro cosplay for my local anime and video game convention at the end of the month!
  4. A shawl. I don’t know why, I don’t wear shawls, but I’m quickly becoming addicted to making them.
  5. Various other small projects that people have requested.

Oh, and a big welcome to everyone who found me through dailycrocheter.com, a site I never even knew existed until today. My Blueberry Dreams neckwarmer was featured as the pattern of the day, which I was very flattered to discover!


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