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A crocheted bag, WIPs and ideas a-plenty

I’ve had the pattern for the Nordstrom hobo bag in my Ravelry queue for ages, and after enlisting the adorable Katu to ship me some Wool of the Andes yarn from Knitpicks and sourcing some cute bag handles, I was finally ready to start! It took me far longer to line the bag and sew the handles on than it did to actually make it – although at first I found the pattern somewhat confusing. I don’t know whether it was my fault interpreting the pattern, or whether the pattern isn’t written very well, but I had to frog the first three rows about three times before I got the hang of it. And the instructions for lining the bag are very vague and not very helpful – if I hadn’t already had some experience lining bags, I would have been in real trouble. But all that aside, I’m really proud of how it turned out!

I’m going to do another one in red (crimson, actually), but not before I’ve finished everything else I have queued up at the moment. I have a lot of projects on the go, including but not limited to:

  • Two pairs of crocheted legwarmers
  • The Noro Plaid Scarf
  • A Japanese-style bag
  • My husband’s birthday present
  • My brother’s birthday present (I won’t put what it is here in case a miracle occurs and he shows an interest in what I do with my time)
  • A super-secret afgan design
  • A Totoro costume for myself to wear to this year’s AVCon. Fingers crossed I have enough time to do it in!
  • A couple of amigurumi patterns I have ideas for
  • A bag for my Mom to keep her cross-stitching bits and pieces in
  • A pink Reddit Alien for my mother-in-law

Phew! Still, it’s nice to be kept busy. This weekend I will be descending upon the annual Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair in search of yarn bargains and other bits and pieces to help me with my sewing and crocheting endeavours. I hope everyone has a good long weekend!


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